Lets get serious! New name?

Lets get serious! New name?

Hello Runners!


We are deeply humbled by your support, feedback and your awesome reviews. Appart from the positive feedback we obviously and trully value your negative feedback and even more so, the feedback thats not even spoken of.


Last week we have successfully launched the Early Access on Steam and thanks to that we were able to realize that a couple of very important aspects of the game were neglected and do not serve our mission – to bring you the ultimate superboot racing experience.


As you already know we are serious about our commitment to delivering what we have promised and although people are really enjoying the gameplay (hence the awesome reviews and so much activity on our Discord ) we came to understand that the name “Ricky Runner” actually turns people down from the game, it is missleading and no longer even fits the concept.



This project originally started as a cute platformer / adventure game telling a story about a young orphan Ricky crashing on strange planet. But thanks to our awesome community here we are now, 3 years later, stronger than ever with a super sharp concept and basically a brand new game that deserves to be recognized and celebrated for what it really is – Community Driven Hardcore Parkour “Trackmania-like” Platformer. That is why we have decided to embrace the opportunity while we are still relatively “under the radar” and come up with a more suiting name!


And as you know our style by now, we always discuss the important matters with you guys, the heart of our development, our community. So… Ultima Runners, Pro Runners and everyone else who enjoys playing our game as well, What do you think would be a fitting name for our game?


Im personally falling in love with “SuperBootMania” as it pays tribute to one of our greatest inspirations, but at the same time it keeps the iconic Super Boots. Feel free to suggest your name for the game in #new-name on our Discord.



As part of this process we are also going to tweak the game looks to be more serious and we are just starting with this process now, but I already see the concept art from Overwatch above as a more suiting direction for the overwall feel of the game – likeable, yet serious and focused. But first things first, we need that name, so do not hesitate and let us know what you think!!


Go to our Discord and send suggestion to #new-name